DOLOS Aerospace Engineering Corporation, known colloquially as DOLOS or DOLOS AEC is an innovative aerospace engineering corporation led by the Marduk Council. DOLOS is famed for its innovative practices and cutting-edge scientists who have developed new infrastructure such as the Tiqqun, Vohle Engine, and EKP thrusters.


DOLOS was founded in 1978 by Andrea Dolos with funding help from the European Space Program. Their sole mission was to research and establish the first working, habitable, space-habitat on a large scale. With the arrival of Vanir Dolos as CEO, the company sought to become a financially independent organisation and in the face of mounting global catastrophes, began directing resources towards more universal concerns.

The company is currently under the leadership of the Marduk Council, a combination of 9 officers from throughout DOLOS that lead the company to be the best that it can be.



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