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The Tiqqun (pronounced Tycoon), is a large, torus-class space station owned and operated by DOLOS, and the main backdrop for IXION. The space station was designed by Maseru Nihei and has an approximate population of 3,078 residents. One of DOLOS' most innovative designs, the Tiqqun features several EKP Thrusters and the first iteration of the Vohle Engine.


The Tiqqun was built with the sole purpose of aiding DOLOS to reach Proxima Centauri. Prior to the launch and long journey, however, the station is in desperate need of repair and infrastructure upgrades to ensure that it reaches its destination safely.

There are six departments aboard the Tiqqun that players can unlock and explore as they advance closer to their goal of reaching Proxima Centuri.[1] This allows players to house more population, support them with jobs, provide more services and also allows them to monitor the crew members via the Data Listening Service.



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